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In-flight entertainment is advancing rapidly. From squinty tiny TV screens 10 rows in front of you to individual seat-back displays of everything from old sitcoms to new movies to breaking news.

Now, according to scientific predictions, virtual reality head-worn devices are soon to become a ... well ... reality. You’ll be able to strap on a magic helmet that takes you away from your cramped airline seat to a Hawaiian beach, Medieval battle game or front-row seat of a Broadway show. And, in the future, even that will be surpassed by making the experience a full three-dimensional immersion, where you’ll be IN the Broadway show.

Consider what the imaginative senior will be able to do, in flight and at home. Dance with Fred Astaire, romance Marilyn, rock with Elvis, run the bases with Jackie Robinson and storm San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt. For the more patriotic, join the wigged guys and sign the Declaration of Independence on a hot July day in Philly.

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