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According to USA TODAY, several airlines claim they’re upgrading their in-air vittles. Of course, they’re very specific that it will be only for premium passengers.

Frugal flying seniors can always recognize those favored few. They’re the snooty ones who get to board first, then are escorted by smiling attendants to their roomy, lay-flat cubicles, to be entertained, wined, dined and fawned over throughout the flight.

Most of those too poor to afford such luxury must be content to straggle aboard hemmed in with the rest of the motley mob to tiny torture benches. And, of course, whatever awful stuff they get to eat, like the mess halls of our military memories, is tossed into our laps as the snarling attendants rush by. And, of course, the meal costs extra beyond the overcharged ticket.

In-air dining suggestions for cheap seat buyers: Take the time before you drive to the airport to get some much less expensive take-out food at a nice deli or café on the way.


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