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Recent reports indicate that scientists at Syracuse University have created actual invisibility. Of course, some of we more seasoned citizens remember the old movie, “The Invisible Man”, and other fantasies about being able to creep around undetected. So, let’s consider some humorous (im)possibilities for senior travelers:

Board any flight with no ticket, wait until all are seated, grab an unoccupied first class alcove and stretch out. When food and booze are ready to be served, go to attendant space and help yourself.

Sneaky sail on a cruise. After going aboard undetected, do the same with an unoccupied upscale suite, adding all kinds of fun in the spa, pool, bar, dining room, casino and theater.

Las Vegas can be the ultimate free invisible senior vacation thrill. Choose a luxurious hotel master suite with its own spa and hit the buffets until your invisible body is about to burst.

Help yourself to stacks of swiped chips at the casino tables, then see all the sexy shows from a front row seat. If you’re a dirty old unseen senior, sneak into the backstage dressing rooms at just the right times. So, OK, it’s all a crazy idea, but we all know every sneaky senior traveler would like to do the free invisible journey just once.


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