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Many of today’s senior travelers may never see it happen. However, as every other form of transportation is getting automated, it’s just a matter of time before pilotless commercial air travel will become a reality.

When that happens, you can first expect to experience mechanized security body searches before boarding. Those steel robot fingers on your intimate body parts will be even icier than those of Homeland Security geeks.

Once aboard the remote-controlled flight, passengers can expect robot flight attendant to serve meals. Imagine the complaint: “Hey, there’s a wingnut in my soup!” Also, is it possible that flights could be hijacked by rogue robots and flown to Legoland?

And, finally, when your flight is landing, the announcement could be: “This is your automatic pilot thanking you for flying Robotic Airlines. As we prepare to land safely, we assure you that all systems are working perfec...glarp...whizz...bleep... screeeeeech ...


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