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According to a recent USA Today report, Zodiac Seats France has patented a new idea for even more sardine-can airline seat designs. It’s called "economy class cabin hexagon." Only math majors can understand the format.

The squeezed layout sets the middle seat backward. Zodiac says it will "increase cabin density (more people per flight) while also creating seat units that increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area. This creates an overlap in the shoulder areas of adjacent seats." In other words, tighter sardine-can stuffing.

Can you imagine your future flight on the new seating? A zombie stares at you nose-to-nose for hours. And instead of kicking your seatback, the brat can now kick your shins. Also, when mom must change diapers under your nose? How about the alcoholic who loses his breakfast all over you?

Of course, according to Zodiac, there are advantages, other than allowing airlines to rake in even more money from the cheap seats. The company claims the alternating seat direction will  give passengers four extra inches of legroom. And consider the interesting conversation you can have with the drunk after he and the diaper are all cleaned up.


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