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When we think of Uber, we remember Rodney Dangerfield’s oft-lamented cry, “I don’t get no respect!” The taxi-like service that hires individual car owners to deliver passengers is very successful in many parts of the world.

However, outcries from traditional taxi companies and individual complaints are constantly casting shadows over Uber’s services and drivers. The most prevalent gripe is that Uber isn’t required to follow the strict hiring, licensing and insurance regulations that taxi drivers must have. In some cities, Uber has been cited for various offenses or totally banned. For seniors considering using Uber services, there are advantages. Because of mobile app hi-tech messaging, a Uber driver can be at your door or other spot within minutes of a SmartPhone call. Also, the ride may be in a more comfortable private car than in a large, formal taxi.

A potential negative is that Uber drivers are not regulated for their fees. They price their rides according to supply and demand. For example, at the busy conclusion of a sports or theater event on a Saturday night, your fare could be twice or more what you’d pay at less busy times.

However, just the other day, your travel4seniors.com editor went by Uber driver to and from a local hotel. It cost less than $6 each way of the five-mile drive. When we’ve recently taken a taxi on the same trip, the cost was $20 each way.

The best way to check out the Uber situation in your city and those you plan to visit, is to ask friends and business associates who have had recent experiences with the service.

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