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Usually a most pleasant guy, in a USA Today Rick's critique listed places he calls tourist traps. He’s soon to hit age 60, so maybe it’s because Rick’s getting as grouchy as the rest of we wandering elders.

You may plan accordingly while pondering Rick’s opinions. Frankly, wherever we travel to any popular tourist site, it’s there to make bucks with entry fees, schlock for sale and snarky snacks. Here are several from Rick’s list, along with some travel4seniors.com input.

Torture Museums:
They’re there for shock and awe, with a year-round Halloween creepiness. Hey, Rick, tourists want to be scared by skeletons, grungy tombs and royal head-chopping blocks.

Blarney Stone, Ireland:
Not quite as creepy as the torture stuff, but it’s an old Irish tradition, and the upside down poses make great photos to send home to the folks.

Mamertine Prison, Italy: Old jails are popular in many countries, including some turned into hotels and cafés. Hey, Rick, in the U.S., who doesn’t want to see Al Capone’s old cell on Alcatraz?

Morocco: For a taste of Humphrey Bogart’s classic movie, it’s worth seeing the fake version of an earlier Rick’s gin joint. Who knows: maybe Ingrid will stop in and ask Sam to play As Time Goes By.


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