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At least that's the consensus of Travel + Leisure magazine's readers, who were asked to rank major U.S. metropolitan areas on their uppity attitudes.

San Francisco was voted the U.S. city that holds its nose highest into the sky, followed by New York City, Boston and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Santa Fe and Seattle were tied for fifth.

T+L says readers were asked to consider various factors, such as the city's reputation for snooty citizens, puffed-up culture and classical entertainment venues. The magazine cites San Francisco's reputation for its vast array of high-priced restaurants adds to the bragging effect.

Opinion of travel4seniors.com: We ask: What about other West Coast ego-driven towns, such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, La Jolla and Malibu? San Francisco is one of the most delightfully beautiful, delicious and friendly cities in the world! If snobby, it has every doggone right to be!

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