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Most of we seasoned roadies are still trying to figure out how to use cell phones, online banking and GPS. In another innovation we can hardly understand, the venerable automaker plans an on-the-road driver’s heart monitor with quick-stop safety features .

Ford will have a medical device that records the seated driver’s cardiovascular system for possible irregularities. It includes a camera that measures driver head movement, as well as sensors on the steering-wheel. If the contraption detects symptoms of a heart attack, it will take over steering and brakes. According to news reports, Ford may have the product on the market within five years. Other auto manufacturers are also working on projects that concern senior drivers. Toyota is testing a similar device that automatically alerts drivers at busy intersections and traffic lights.

Of course, in the not too distant future, humans, both young and old, will just sit back and let robots do all the driving. We just can’t wait ‘til we see raving robot roadies flip each other the digital digit. corporate.ford.com/.../pr-ford-develops-heart-rate

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