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On a recent flight, a self-appointed humorist told fellow passengers he had Ebola, then laughed and said he was just kidding. However, the pilot wasn’t kidding when he immediately returned to the airport and ordered a medical team in hazard suits. Result: A planeload of frightened, frustrated and delayed passengers, plus the jailed jokester faces legal, possible criminal charges.

We’re aware that many travel4seniors.com readers have spent responsible lifetimes in business, education and the military. Along with that serious career success, especially with ex-military, there’s often a creative sense of humor. Barracks humor has a long tradition, and can be expressed with sarcasm, intent to shock and/or to relieve a tense situation. That may still be acceptable in barracks, boardrooms and barrooms, but absolutely not in today’s commercial air flights.

With the lasting memory of the 9/11/01 horror, along with the constant threat of more terror, the already-tense crew will not permit this type of totally inappropriate humor. Conclusion: When checking in at the airport and while in flight, if you have a mental axe to grind, think twice before you say something that could ground you

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