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According to industry reports, more and more people are signing on for long cruises of from 30 to 100 days and beyond. It seems some vacationers, including retirees, have so much time (and money) on their hands, they can indulge in such luxuries.

The adventurous can sign on for what could seem as long as a Navy enlistment. However, except for lifeboat drills, it will all be for fun. No such all-hands assignments as swabbing the deck, standing dog watch or mess duty in the scullery.

According to Yahoo Travel writer Bill Fink, 17 major lines are now offering itineraries, including 100 day cruises, for what are almost bargain prices. For example, for an interior cabin on such a sailing it can be as low as $18 000, which figures to $180 a day.

The fare includes scores of shore visits in exotic ports around the world, all meals, luxury accommodations, top entertainment, casino, spas, pools and much more. Considering every luxury those fortunate passengers will experience, the price doesn’t seem so high.

For more info, go to www.yahoo.com/travel/party-like-its-1899-with-these-round-the-world-cruises-87230420917


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