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It happens all too frequently. You settle into your airline seat, then eyes water, nose stuffs up and sneezing starts. You have allergies, and it’s difficult to breathe stuffy airline cabin air. It’s full of pollen, dust, smokers’ clothes, pet fur and other pollutants. Now, to find relief, you can hope your airline will soon follow Swiss Air’s new policy. 

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation has declared Swiss Air the first airline to be allergy-friendly. The squeaky-clean carrier uses many systems to keep pumping fresh air into the cabins, as well as doing thorough cleaning of the seating, bulkheads, aisles, lavatories and other areas. Swiss Air also offers meals that are free of allergy-unfriendly lactose and gluten ingredients. Adding concern for allergic passengers, Swiss Air trains its flight attendants to offer non-prescription allergy medicines. www.swiss.com

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