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Founded as the Philadelphia Zoological Society in 1859, it was the first in America. Your travel4seniors.com editor grew up just a short distance from the great Philly Zoo.

As a kid, many Saturdays were enjoyed at the 3400 Girard Avenue facility. As a college art major, there were class sessions there for drawing the animals. Later, the growing family frequently enjoyed visiting the lions, tigers, bears and all the others.

Back in those long-ago days, all the big cats spent their lives in tiny indoor and outdoor enclosures. The only exercise they got was endlessly walking the few steps back and forth. Today at the Philly Zoo, the lions and tigers have something to roar about, called Big Cat Crossing.

Just above the heads of visitors, there are tunnel-like, mesh-covered walkways, where the big cats can now roam along nearly 2,000-feet of freedom. The innovation isn’t just a benefit for the felines. Visitors of all ages can look up to admire the big cats in action from many angles.

For more info about current activities, the Big Cat Crossing, other recent developments and future plans, go to www.philadelphiazoo.org


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