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In today’s ever-more complex air travel world, we’ve all experienced the frustration. Too often senior passengers are caught in sudden cancellations, missed connections, denied boarding due to overbooking and other unexpected problems they didn't cause.

In flights to and from Europe, many senior travelers have been left emotionally stranded concerning their rights, confused about effective ways to seek compensation. They may be familiar with laws that require airlines to meet their legal obligations in such cases, but can’t nor don’t want to do all the necessary direct contacts and paperwork. Help is on the way: Refund.me The website, Refund.me, is available to travelers who’ve had airline problems. With the passengers’ power of attorney, Refund.me serves as a legal advocate for those who’ve been negatively affected by airline errors flying to or from European destinations.

Staffed by expert attorneys and backed by European Union laws, Refund.me takes on individual cases. When contacted by travelers claiming unfair treatment by airlines, every effort is made to assure adequate compensation for financial and other losses.

When a case is settled and compensation awarded, Refund.me charges a fee of from 15 to 19 percent, plus Value Added Tax where in effect. This applies if the claim is made within 25 days of the incident. For cases received after that time, the required fee is 25 percent.

Refund.me, in efforts to help travelers, has earned the thanks of thousands of satisfied clients. The organization has also been honored by recognition as Brand Marketer of the Year, Firm of the Year, Best Branding, Best Multicultural Campaign and PR News Platinum PR Awards.

For contact, legal requirements and more detailed information, go to www.refund.me

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