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Some of our now-sedate senior readers may want to bring back memories of  their 1960s hippie days. Recall nights of secret marijuana parties in campus dorms or behind the barracks. Their travel plans could perk up now that pot is legal in Colorado, and some Denver travel organizations offer special events related to the hemp product.

While still forbidden in that state to smoke pot in public, there are opportunities for tourists to consume various marijuana products without breaking the law. For example, party buses and limos tour the Rockies while sightseers can smoke or eat pot-based products. Enroute they can indulge while creatively appreciating the beautiful snow-capped scenery and surrounding clouds, both inside and outside. There are also marijuana-based cooking and baking classes for those who want to learn how to include the now-legal product in their kitchen efforts. Visitors can also study the history and basic skills of growing the various types of the cannabis plant, both for recreational and medical uses. Only where it’s legal, of course.

A Denver organization, My 420 Tours, claims to be North America’s first legal marijuana tourism company. For more about programs, schedules, prices, lodging and other info, go to my430tours.com

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