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Can you remember way back when comic strip artists and movie moguls pictured flying cars? The idea was driving out of your garage onto the road, and then, to beat the traffic, take to the sky. Actually, Henry Ford predicted it way back in 1940.

Despite all the advances in jet engines, computers and just about everything else, this dream never happened. Well, at least not until now.

According to Yahoo News, a Slovakian company's prototype, Aeromobil 2.5, really works and can rev up to 90 mph and take off into the skies. It will then cruise at 120 mph over all the stalled traffic below for distances up to 430 miles.

The practical use is still in the distant future, because flying cars will revolutionize traffic controls and otherĀ  regulations for both air and ground transportation systems. Of course, we senior auto drivers will be easy to identify when we take to the air. Our turn signals will always be blinking. For more information, go to airomobil.com

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