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USA Today recently had a provocative story about whether people (especially we senior citizens) are allowed to pass on frequent flyer miles, hotel freebees and other earned perks. The implication is that we of a advanced certain age must decide before we hear the flutter of angels’ wings.

According to the article, depending on which airlines and hotel chains you consult, you’ll get confusing yes, no and maybe answers. Therefore, we suggest that when you believe your ultimate one-way flight to join the angels seems to be approaching, consider several options.

Do the research yourself or have a trusted travel agent make the contacts, and then complete a list of all the unused, still-valid points, miles and perks you’ve accumulated for various airlines and hotel chains. Contact each of the organizations and determine what, if any, can be passed on and to whom (family member, friend, business associate, charity, etc.).

Perhaps a selfish, but more practical, solution is to gather all those freebees and indulge in fulfilling your own personal bucket list of destinations around the world. Then, before the little cherubs take you, use them all while you’re still able to get up, get out and travel.


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