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The Hong Kong based airline has upgraded its First Class cabin suite accommodations in its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with many new luxury features. Passengers can now relax and enjoy the look and feel of luxuriating in an upscale resort or as guests at a vintage country estate.

As passengers enter the compartment, they’ll see modern sculptures displayed on the bulkheads, adding originally-created works of fine art to the comfortable setting. Each suite is now lined, both inside and outside, with attractive glossy fabric, metal and leather coverings.

Technical upgrades provide an all-puprose LCD touch screen comfort device, for reclining the bed-like seat and controlling individual lighting and sound choices. The latest in electronic equipment includes noise-abating headphones and an array of personal connections for iPhones, on-board working, communicating and on-demand TV and movies.

For more information, go to www.cathaypacific.com

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