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Seniors who travel frequently are certainly aware of airlines continuing to raise the number of points needed to earn free or upgraded flights. Now, along with the nickel-and-dime price add-ons coming almost daily for air travel, hotel chains are getting into similar belt-tightening.

As recently reported by USA Today, Hilton, Marriott and Starwood have required earning free nights through their loyalty programs to cost more points. Depending on the hotel’s location and quality, the point requirements were raised from ten to 25 percent. Along with the room prices, unfortunately.

What can the senior frequent traveler do to combat these increases in the cost of transportation and hotel accommodations? The best advice is to shop around before booking. Always look for special sales that may be posted for just 24 hours. If you’re not already aware of it, make your hotel stays when prices are lowest, such as mid-week and off-season. Of course, always book mid-week and night (red eye) flights whenever possible.  

If you have a personal online or hometown travel agent, be sure you’re regularly informed of all pricing possibilities as they break.

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