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Remember just a few years ago, when all that was available in flight was a tiny movie screen way up forward on a bulkhead? You could get the sound with earphones and severe eyestrain trying to make out the movie.

You could also choose to listen to music by plugging in earphones to an armrest. Of course, you had no control of what the airline decided to broadcast. Today, everything has improved, and keeps on evolving.

Some airlines, including United and British Airways, now offer a large library of movies, videos, games and audio music that play constantly on the back of the seat screen in front of you. Of course, you can opt to take along your own iPod, iBook, DVD player, laptop and other portable electronic digital devices and choose from their virtually endless entertainment and other  menus.

Speaking of menus, many airlines plan to lend out pre-programmed individual iPads to passengers as they board. In addition to offering choices for entertainment and reading, there will be digital menus listed. All they’ll require is for the passenger to tap in orders for food, drink, information and other services from flight attendants. If it weren't for the groping security check-in, flying could once again actually be a pleasant journey.

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