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In 1911, just eight years after the Wright Brothers flew the first aircraft at Kitty Hawk, the pop song inviting Josephine on the newfangled flying machine was already on the market.

A decade later, an in-flight silent movie,”Howdy Chicago”, was projected to passengers on a flight over the Chicago World's Fair. Regular in-flight movies didn’t start for another 40 years, when the now-gone TWA showed them in their first-class areas in 1961.

Since then, the advances have been rapid. Video games and small bulkhead TV sets emerged in 1975. Individual seat-back video started on some airlines in 1991, followed a decade later with live in-flight TV.

Many airlines now have seat-back multi-channel screens that beam out movies, games, live TV and advertising. Along with those airline-provided items, many passengers now carry their own private all-inclusive entertainment, with laptops, SmartPhones, E-readers and dozens of newfangled electronic miracles.

With airlines continuously seeking new ways to make extra bucks, passengers can expect more innovations in pay-per-view in-air entertainment in the near future.

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