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Medical reports say seniors are the most vulnerable age group to catch the flu and other seasonal ailments, especially when they’re traveling. While making your way through crowds at the airport and train station, you can’t help being exposed to air full of those nasty germs.

Then, when you settle down into your seat, or line up at security or ticket counter, you you can be sure the person inches away from your face will have the worst cold you’ve ever seen. If you’ve had your flu vaccination before you started your travels, at least there's a better chance to avoid infection.

Even with all the miracle drugs, statistics predict more than a million Americans will catch the flu this season, and 200,000 of them will get it so bad, they’ll need hospital stays. Of those, about 20,000 won’t ever come home from the hospital.

Therefore, before you start your travels this season, get that flu shot. And don’t wait until just before your bags are all parked and you leave the house. The shot takes several days to kick in.

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