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If you’re old enough to fondly remember Pullman sleepers, WWII troop trains and Navy transports, you’ll love the new airport sleep pods. The teeny little bunks are popping up in terminals all over the world. They’re a welcome convenience for passengers who have long waits or delays, and want some basic privacy and to lie down in comfort until their flight.

Asian airports have been using sleep lockers for many years, and now others in London, Moscow, Philadelphia and Dubai are making the pods available. Some are literally stacked little horizontal spaces not much bigger than check-your-bag lockers, and a bit smaller than the old Pullman sleeper bunks. Others are tiny rooms with a bed, closet and wash station, some with private toilets and shower stalls.

The sleep pods rent for as much as $30 per hour, about what you’d pay for a full night in a cheap motel room or hostel. Of course, because they’re right there in the airport, they’re much more convenient for waiting and stranded passengers. For more information, go to yotel.com or sleepbox.com

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