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OK, so it’s a fake photo, but something like it could happen in the not-so-distant future. The famed stadium has survived more than 2,000 years of gladiator battles, chariot races, human sacrifices, storms, wars and millions of visitors.

According to London’s Guardian, the popular Roman tourist landmark is slanting about ten inches lower on the south side than on the north. If the sinking continues, some of the ancient structure’s walls could collapse.

We toured the Colosseum several years ago, and were greatly impressed by the quality of the architecture. We also enjoyed the audience stands, battle areas, gladiator quarters and bands of feral cats that keep the stadium rat-free.   

The Colosseum task may be similar to the repairs of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which would have fallen if not for ten years of structural repairs and new supports during the 1990s. The Colosseum repairs could close the site for several years, as well as affect the heavy traffic on the Roman streets surrounding it. For more information, go to www.the-colosseum.net/idx-en.htm

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