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According to a USAToday report, a virtual video projection called Carla .... not Glinda the Good Witch ... now greets and gives messages and information in Boston’s Logan International Airport. The three-dimensional image won’t wave a magic wand, but speaks in friendly tones in English, French and Spanish. However, although she may look like a real human of the right size and depth, she is just a recorded hologram and won’t answer questions.

There’s a similar virtual guide now at the Washington Dulles Airport, with the name of Paige. According to news reports, New York City's three major airports are expected to get their vitual guides sometime this summer. If the experiment works, passengers at other airports can soon expect to meet similar hologram advisers.

Among the messages the virtual guides offer are how to prepare for security inspection, location of flight gates, schedule changes, airport exits, taxi, bus and other services. She won’t tell passengers to click their heels and say, “There’s no place like home.”

So far, the virtual guides are not involved in security check-ins. However, with ever-improving technology, could it be possible passengers may soon experience virtual groping from grinning hologram agents?

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