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Airport anger can get you on THE list

Throw a fit in the airport or just get mildly ticked off, and your name may go into a Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration watch list. They already have one for terrorists and other murderous nutcases, but now they’re starting a list of air travelers who aren’t quite as dangerous, but still need watching.

You can qualify for the throw-a-snit list by arguing loudly with a screener, angrily tossing bags and stuff around or just threatening to punch the TSA guy in the nose. Hey, wait a minute. Doesn’t that include just about everyone who flies today?

If you make the list, unless you’ve done something really violent, you won’t be barred from boarding your next flight. However, you can be sure the screener will get back at you for your alleged bad behavior on previous inspections. Expect him to grin knowingly at you and spend a lot more time going through your carry-on stuff.

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