Alcatraz: Nice Place to Visit, But You Wouldn't Want to Live There PDF Print E-mail

My first experience with "The Rock" prison in San Francisco Bay happened on a disturbing day in May 1946. With World War II ended, our troop ship was returning from the Philippines to the Navy base on Treasure Island, located under the Oakland Bay Bridge, between San Francisco and Oakland. As our ship passed close by Alcatraz, we could see Navy landing craft unloading armed Marines as they stormed onto the rocky shore.

Planning Your Springtime Travel? Make It Sunny Ireland! PDF Print E-mail

Ah, to be in Ireland, now that Spring is here (almost). We took a guided tour of the British Isles several years ago. It included several days in Ireland, including a dining and theater experience in Dublin. Our week in England was somewhat enjoyable, except that it was foggy and rainy every day.


Review: Elderhostel’s 5-Night Program: RMS Queen Mary I & Catalina Isle PDF Print E-mail

Recently we signed on for the Elderhostel (elderhostel.com) Queen Mary I experience. It proved to be an enjoyable and busy five nights and days. My spouse and I were sort of drafted for the program because my brother-in-law had sailed on the old British luxury liner in 1945 as a GI returning from World War II in Europe. He wanted to visitr again to relive and remember some of his adventures aboard during the Queen’s troopship era.


Letran College, Manila, Philippines - 1945 and 2008 PDF Print E-mail

WWII and recent photos of Letran college, Manila

Recently I visited my grandson, an American State Department officer in Manila, the Philippines. I had been there in 1945 as a GI when we recaptured the city near the end of WWII. The fighting had been brutal for months, there were many casualties, both military and civilian, and most of the buildings were severely damaged, especially in the educational area called the Intramuras.


We're Off to Nantes France PDF Print E-mail

We're off to France. This time we are traveling to Nantes, on the Western Atlantic coast, the capital of Brittany and the end of the magnificent Loire Valley. Check back in December for photos, reviews and the full journal of our trip.


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