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Some futurists insist that some day, time travel will be possible. We asked several brilliant readers of travel4seniors.com if they had fantasies about doing it. And if they did, what would be their first trip back in history?

PLB, Memphis TN: I’d return after 50 years to high school days here in my hometown of Memphis. There was the very special girl I took to the senior prom and ….

Mrs. CNMcR, Boston MA: One memory always haunts me. I was a teenager in Palm Beach, Florida, in May 1963. As I wandered along the ocean front, there was a familiar group tossing a beachball around. As I approached, suddenly two Secret Service guys blocked me from the Kennedy family. Just a few months later, the President was killed. With time travel, I’d go back just to shake his hand.

JRN, Los Angeles CA: I’d go way, way back to visit Gettysburg in 1863 to witness Lincoln’s famous speech. I’d tell him that just months after the bloodiest battle of the Civil War there, his message about freedom for all Americans is as fresh today as it was at that historic moment.

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