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1 Hawaiian And Mexican Dolls Dance On The Dashboard
2 Are These Lovers Getting Their Kicks Along Route 66?
3 Hey, Watch Out! Hollywood Boulevard Tour Bus Is Driverless!
4 Two Alaskan T-Shirt Pedalers: Optical Illusion?
5 My Candid Foto: Is That A Child Locked In A Hot Car?
6 My Candid Foto: Is That A Child Locked In A Hot Car?
7 The Latest Poop On Posted Pool Signs
8 Striking Sunset View From Our Airbnb Window
9 Could This Gathering Be A Chorus Of Singing Artichokes?
10 Four Easy Riders On Two Cycles Get Ready To Rumble
11 My Almost Andy Warhol-ish View Of The Hollywood Hills
12 It’s OK to text while driving on a busy street...
13 Is This A CATasthrophic Airline Overcharge Or What?
14 Remember When Smoking Was Allowed On Flights?
15 Los Angeles CA: Lions, Tigers And Giraffes, Oh My!
16 Seattle WA Space Needle: Dine At 400 Ft Over Clear Glass Floor
17 As The Sinatra Song Goes: New York, New York, It’s A Wonderful Town!
18 Nairobi, Africa: Seeing Many Spots Before My Eyes
19 Masai Mara, Kenya: Grinning Gators Greet Guests
20 London, England: Big Ben Looms In The Starry Sky
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