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Petrified Forest

From 13,000 to a million years ago, this part of Arizona was a green forest, with rivers, changes of climate and tall trees. Now it is a dry desert, and all through it are the rocks that have retained their tree trunk shapes through millenia. Also in the National Park area is the Painted Desert, a hilly area rising above the low barren ground after millions of years of erosion, exposing multi-colored horizontal strata for miles along the rock formations.

How many of our readers remember “The Petrified Forest”, the 1936 movie starring Leslie Howard and Bette Davis. It was about a little roadside cafe in the stone Forest, just off Route 40. Humphrey Bogart brilliantly portrayed the role that made him a star, as killer Duke Mantee. Unfortunately, the vintage film was in black and white, and most of the few outside scenes supposed to be of the Forest were Hollywood studio backdrops.

Entrance fees for the Petrified Forest National Park include $10 for each private vehicles, and $5 for bicyclists, motorcyclists and hikers. The fees are good for 7 days of visits. Annual passes are $20. For more information, go to www.nps.gov/pefo/


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