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New York, New York: Sinatra ended his famous seasonal song with the phrase, “Autumn in New York, it's good to live it again”. Most of us now in our later years have a great memory or two of New York, and an autumn trip can really help us live them again.

Remember? The day World War II ended, and your GI uniform got you many hugs, kisses and several great nights that followed. The New Year's Eve when you joined the crowd to watch the ball drop. Walks in the park with that someone special. New York

The first job after college when you lived in a SoHo 5th floor walk-up room that cost a staggering $30 a month. Cab rides through Manhattan nights when you could snuggle in the back seat even if the meter went up as high as $2. Dinner for two at the Stage Deli, with cheese cake for dessert, although it cost all of a day's pay of $5.

Again in Sinatra lyrics, “the love affair that was too hot not to cool down”. Autumn is New York's finest time of year, with the golden beauty of Central Park, the crisp, cool air, Chinatown, the Village, Broadway shows, the great museums, great restaurants and the Metropolitan Opera. Sinatra also sang, and he must have meant autumn love and laughter in Manhattan: “If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere, New York, New York!”

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