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Autumn in New England

Here’s a series of our nominations for best autumn (don't say fall to seniors unless you want to be reminded of hip replacements) destinations, and we've been to them all and have happy memories from each.

New England: We can't name a special favorite area in the great Northeast section of the nation, because every state up there has many wonderful autumn landscapes, where the green trees turn to wonderful shades of yellow, red, green, rust and purple. And the same happens to the hair of the many Harvard, MIT, and Boston College students in New England.

Florence, Italy


Florence in sunny Italy is for artists and lovers. Well, if you're our age, it is more likely to be solely for art lovers. There are world-class museums, sculptures and historic buildings throughout the city that could keep you busy for a month of touring, although your feet would probably wear out in 12 hours. The lovely, red-roofed Renaissance city is especially inviting in autumn, when the hot summer is over and cool night strolling among the historic sites is invigorating. It is still warm enough for the traditional Florentine dining al fresco in the many of the cozy cafes that line the historic city's streets. And, the food is to die for ... especially if you eat too much of all those dishes full of spices, salts, pastas and fatty meats.

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