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Last year I was drafted into signing up for an Elderhostel session on the Queen Mary I. It is firmly and permanently anchored in California's Long Beach Harbor, and serves as historic monument, hotel, shopping center and variety of restaurants.

During World War II, my brother-in-law sailed to Europe on her as one of the 10,000 GIs who were transported back and forth on each voyage. He wanted to see the old ship once again, and as I found out later, to be idolized by all the little old ladies in our Elderhostel classes.

Queen Mary I


Actually, after some reluctance about signing up for the one-week session, I was a bit intrigued myself after we got aboard. During WWII, I was a Navy crewman on a transport that carried Marines into the last two battles of the Pacific, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. During our Elderhostel week, we took many photos around the ship, including my nostalgic moments as a pretend gunner on the Queen’s anti-aircraft mount.

Our accommodations in the old staterooms were quite nice, and we enjoyed tours of the ship from stem to stern. There were also voluntary classes in the ship’s history, famous former passengers and other interesting subjects.

All in all, the entire experience was very pleasant and informative. For more information about future Elderhostel sessions aboard Queen Mary I and the hundreds of other interesting programs throughout the world, go to www.elderhostel.org

Submitted by Harry Kleinman, Boston MA

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