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A visit to the Coliseum, also spelled Coloseum or Colosseum, is always interesting. We’ve been there several times during tours of Italy. While we were impressed by the enormity and sophistication of the ancient stadium, we were also intrigued by the tradition of the cats. They were roaming all over inside the arena and outside during our visit.

Coliseum in Rome


History records that the feline guards have been on duty at the Coliseum since it was a construction site between 72 to 80, more than 2,000 years ago, when a guy named Vespasiano was Emperor. The first cats were brought in to kill the rats and mice, while gladiators did the same to each other.

Today, vendors outside the structure sell cat food to tourists, so both the felines and their humans have a great racket going. The original name of the Roman version of Yankee Stadium was Amphitheatrum Flavium. However, we believe the phrase, the house that Ruth built sounds more interesting than the casa that Vespasiano built.

So, when in Rome, do as the ancient Romans did, go to the Coliseum and feed the cats.

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