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Ancient Egyptian sphynx and pyramid


Egypt is the land of never-ending mystery, where the first truly civilized society evolved more than five centuries before the Christian era. For the visitor, everywhere in Egypt there are relics and reminders of the glory of the ancient kingdom. We recommend those historic locations where first-time visitors can experience both the old and the new of the land where it all began.

1. Before you go out looking for ancient ruins in the desert, spend a day or two in the capital city of Cairo. It’s a fascinating combination of a bustling 21st Century metropolis and 10th Century Middle Eastern bazaar. If you enjoy bargaining for exotic goods, there are all kinds of stores, stalls and street vendors to provide food, souvenirs and whatever else you desire.

2. Of course, you must visit the five-thousand-year-old pyramids of Giza, if just for the bragging rights of telling folks back home that you climbed a few high steps on Khufu, Menkaura and Kafhre. You’ll wonder how such massive structures were constructed with the primitive engineering skills of the time. Of course, when Moses demanded, “Let my people go,” he was talking about the oppressed Hebrew slaves who built the pyramids.

3. It is at Abu Simbel where you’ll marvel at two of the most beautiful ancient temples in Egypt. Built for the monarchs who were said to be the contemporaries of Moses, Pharaoh Rameses II and Queen Nefertari, the site has many depths of historic significance.

4. The Sphinx sits on eternal guard duty near the Great Pyramids with that enigmatic smile on his/her/its face. After all these centuries, no one really knows what the huge half-human-half-lion creature represents. When you visit and get some great photos or video, you’ll wow the folks back home when you smile next to the Sphinx, implying slyly that you have at last solved the eternal riddle. Even Cleopatra and Napoleon couldn’t do that.

5. Visit the Temples of Karnak, where the gods of ancient Egyptians were said to have dwelt. The huge, precisely-designed structures were the models emulated by Greeks and Roman architects when they built their cities centuries later. And, no, Karnak was not named after a Johnny Carson character.

Of course, there are many more interesting places to visit in Egypt, both old and modern, along the River Nile and elsewhere. Depending on your schedule and physical condition, whatever time you spend in that ancient land will be sure to be treasured for many years.

News flash: Recent findings indicate archeologists are close to finding the tomb where both Cleopatra and her last husband Mark Anthony, are buried. The search is in a temple area near the ancient city of Alexandria. So, if you're about to plan your tour of Egypt, be sure to check out the news, so that you may be one of the first to visit the final resting place of those famous First Century lovers.

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