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Your travel4seniors.com editor has roamed the world, and as with all nonagenarians (90+ years old), I must expect my one-way journey at any time. Some choices for final forays are based on those I’ve experienced through the years.

For example, during World War 2 my Navy travels took me to the Philippines in one of the last campaigns of the war. With an advanced Marine unit, I spent time in Samar, Leyte and the capital city of Manila. A return today could be interesting, including a visit to our old Navy campsite along the city’s Pasig River.

Altho I was a young teenager when WW2 started with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, I’d visit the USS Arizona memorial there near Honolulu. Recalled to active Navy duty in the Korean War, I could also enjoy a stroll around the capital city of Seoul.

And maybe a grand finale would be several nights and days at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. It’s where the Sands Hotel stood before being demolished a decade or so ago. A high school classmate was an official of the Sands way back when, and introduced me to some friends. Now I’d like to imagine I’m reliving the hearty times when I wined and dined with the infamous Rat Pack of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.

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