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Sure, Aspen is one of the greatest winter resort areas in the world. But you should also know there’s more to that great Colorado mountain area than those ski slopes and Hollywood celebrities.

Aspen's spring and summer mountainside forests burst out in profusion of green leaves, and the fields yield flowers of all colors. Later, the tall oaks, pines and aspen trees greet the autumn with spectacular golds and reds.

During the so-called off season, senior visitors have the luxury of enjoying the area without needing to fight the large seasonal crowds of ski and party animals. Visitors will find lower prices for hotels, motels, campgrounds, restaurants, art galleries, souvenirs, and everything else wiill be full of bargains.

Aspen, Colorado


Additionally, Aspen has kept its pristine and dignified reputation by maintaining all the attractions naturally in their pristine, natural state. No kiddie amusement rides, cartoon theme parks nor roadside flea markets. , There are unlimited opportunities for just plain fun in the summer sun. Visitors can find everything from white water rafting, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and for those who want a bird’s eye view of the area, ski lift rides, chopper tours and hot air ballooning.

Many of the intimate taverns feature all kinds of cool music during the cool nights from Irish clog to the latest hip hop sounds. There are also a series of classical, country and pop music concerts and festivals that run throughout the summer months. If visitors opt to hang around past Labor Day, there’s an authentic Oktober Fest, when the whole town goes beer-guzzling Bavarian with liederhosen and oompah music.

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