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When visiting Israel, make sure you journey to the Dead Sea area. It’s located at the world’s lowest dip of Earth, but that isn’t the attraction to tourists, especial seniors and travelers seeking cures for their ailments. Whether myth or actual medical miracle, the waters of the Dead Sea are supposed to help cure arthritis, skin ailments and other major and minor physical problems.

Masada, Israel


The waters of the sea do contain vast amounts of salts, magnesium and other natural minerals that can at least give a soothing, floating relaxation to those who bathe in the Dead Sea. There are also commercial establishments near the shore that offer more modern benefits to visitors, such as mud baths, massages and various kinds of after-swim goo that are supposed to make the visit even more therapeutic to skin, body and soul. 

For those who want to visit for more spritual healing, the Dead Sea offers thousands of years of history and myth. This is in the center of the ancient Holy Land, where Abraham, Isaac and other early prophets lived. In addition to the memories of historic Judaism, Christains can see where Scriptures say Jesus walked and taught his philosophy to the multitudes.

Rising on mesas above the Dead Sea are the ruins of Masada, an Israeli shrine to the valiant Jewish families who held off Roman legions for nearly a year in the First Century A.D. Then, when defeat was inevitable, they chose mass suicide to Roman slavery.

The soft desert climate of the Dead Sea area, where the sun shines almost every day of the year, continues to attract Israeli and foreign visitors. It’s a destination that offers both modern relaxation and ancient history.

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