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If it was good enough for the guys at Bunker Hill on that hot day of June 17, 1775, Boston is good enough for senior travelers this summer. Especially we seasoned citizens who are interested in American history. So, how about scheduling a visit and retracing the steps of our country’s founders?

First, there’s the Paul Revere Trail. Sidewalk arrows and historic buildings and plaques will lead you on the most famous mile in the city. It’s the one patriot Paul Revere took when he dashed through the town at midnight to warn of the approach of the Redcoats. You’ll need your walking shoes, camera and a lot of energy. And when you pass by the Old North Church, you’ll be sure to imagine you’ll see Paul’s lantern waving at you. Also along the trail are the Granary Burying Ground, King's Chapel and Old South Meeting House.

Boston skyline


We love strolling through two of Boston’s most fun marketplaces, the Faneuil Hall and Quincy Markets. In early days, politicians used to stand on the steps of old Faneuil and make the same kind of empty promises they do today on TV. Today, the steps are for others almost as ridiculous, including mimes, magicians, jugglers and other entertainers.

Inside the buildings are all kinds of shops and restaurants, including one of our favorites, the Bagel Shop. You can actually watch your bagel being baked just before you sit down and schmear it with cream cheese, lox and/or your favorite jelly.

For old Navy guys and GIs who did those fun wartime excursions onto the friendly beaches of Normandy, Iwo Jima, crossing the Rhine and Inchon, the Boston Duck Tours are a must. The Duck, of course, is the old nickname of the General Motors amphibious DUKW vehicle: D for 1942, U for utility, K for all-wheel drive, and W for double-powered rear axles.

The little troop carrier goes right from land onto water and chugs back out again, so your half-hour tour can be great for sightseeing the Boston skyline and, for those of us who were previous riders, bring back back memories of WWII and later wars.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of historic places to see in Boston, including Copley Place Mall, Newbury Street, and Downtown Crossing. The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the finest in the world, and of course, Boston is America’s major university cities, with Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and America’s oldest and most prestigious, Harvard University.

OK, so you’ll find yourself all full of history, art, education and science, and you need a break. What could be your last stop in Beantown? Cheers, of course. Have a sit-down beer and burger at TV's most famous basement bar, and imagine you’re one of the stars.

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