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Guest Traveler PLF, Skokie IL: In April 1945, my Navy troop transport put Marines ashore on the island to fight the final, bloody battle of World War 2. By the time it ended in June, Germany had already surrendered and Japan would quit just a few months later in August.

Horrendous numbers of dead and wounded in the Okinawa campaign were more than 100,000 Japanese, including civilians, and 50,000 American military. As bad as in any battles in European war.

Today, the now peaceful island boasts a more positive image as one of the world’s healthiest places for a long, productive life of its inhabitants. If your senior travel plans include visits to Japan, and you’re curious about the secrets of healthy aging, spend some days on Okinawa.

In addition to friendly people, beautiful scenery and seascapes, you’ll see many hearty natives aged 80s to 100 actively engaged in their daily routines. The most publicized reasons for longevity on the island are positive attitudes, sensible diets and busy daily work. Their foods are primarily rice, vegetables and fish. And an occasional evening cup of local aged rice wine.


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