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There are three Desert Diamond casinos in the state, all located on land of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Two of the casino branches are in Tucson, and the other is near the town of Why, Arizona, 115 miles east.

One of the Tucson casinos is located close to Highway 15 at Pima Mine Road, while the largest of the three is on the Nogales Highway, conveniently adjacent to the Tucson International Airport.

The large property includes a luxurious hotel. The complex, designed to closely resemble Native American adobe architecture and desert colors, has a huge pool, spa, restaurants, night clubs, conference center and many other contemporary amenities for visitors and business groups. For visitors to experience the many interesting features of the area, Desert Diamond schedules bus trips to major nearby Tucson attractions. They include the University of Arizona, Kino Sports Park/Tucson Electric Park and 300-year-old landmark Mission San Xavier del bac.

One of the most fun visits is to Old Tucson Studios,
Surrounded by soaring cactus and set in the middle of majestic Saguaro National Park, it’s both an amusement park and Old West town site. Many TV programs are created there, and some of John Wayne’s most memorable movies were filmed in the studios and natural Arizona scenery beyond.

Within a few miles of Desert Diamond is Davis-Monthan U.S. Air Force Base, a service facility that trains American combat pilots, as well as those from allied nations throughout the world.

On the base property is an historic museum, where both indoors and in the surrounding desert property are thousands of inactive aircraft that date back to World War II service. The dry desert air preserves them almost indefinitely, and many look as if they can take off again at any moment.

Because it’s on Native American property, Desert Diamond is State and Federal tax free. Moderately priced, it doesn’t apply the usual 12.5% hotel tax and other extra charges other hotels add to the bill. 

Desert Diamond’s casinos offer offer every kind of feature found in Las Vegas, and operate 24 hours a day throughout the year. They include hundreds of contemporary slot machines, as well as blackjack, roulette and other table games.

For bingo players, there are large parlors with all the latest equipment. The expansive theaters offer programs featuring famed music stars, Broadway hits and Las Vegas style entertainment.

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