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The most famous natural beauty in the Cactus State is the Grand Canyon, featuring the South and North Rims. Because they’re more than 200 miles apart across the vast Canyon floor and Colorado River, their weather patterns are different.

The North Rim has the cooler summer temperatures, rarely rising above 80 in daylight and drops to the low 40s at night. The South Rim, where about 80 percent of tourists visit, has delightful summer daytime temperatures in the 70s to 90s, and 60s at night. The Grand Canyon is in the desert of the Southwest, the air is sparkling clear and humidity is very low. Senior visitors with arthritis and other ailments from Eastern cities with sticky summer climates find the climate very comfortable.    

Lake Tahoe sits on the Arizona border with California. It’s high up in mountain territory, so summer temperatures are quite moderate, and scenery of the pine, aspen and maple forests is spectacular.

There are accommodations, ranging from trailer camps to tents to motels to luxury resorts. While summer days can be hot, the nights are very cool, especially lakeside or cruising over to the Nevada side of the lake to hit the casinos, top restaurants and entertainment.

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