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With tongue firmly in cheek, it’s a hilarious premise to equate Sin City in any way with religion. Who could ever expect to find anything possibly holy in a place that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like the Vatican?

The only sincere prayers anyone hears in Las Vegas are offered up heavenward in the casinos for slot machine jackpots, poker royal flushes or seven straight dice passes. Additionally, many road trippers in Sin City are retirees in RVs seeking riches at the casinos and full bellies in the famed buffets. Look for specials offering all-you-can-eat meals during each 24-hour period for a single price of $25. Las Vegas is currently one of the most popular road trip Meccas in America. The gambling town is a favorite of hundreds of thousands of RVers, many retirees. They park cars, vans, trailers and RVs in Vegas hotel lots, and enjoy bargain room rates, clean sheets and showers, for as low as $20 a night.

RV roadtrippers hit the casinos, and many participate in the frequently scheduled card and slot tournaments. Such economical opportunities, as well as availability of Broadway-quality shows, naughty night life and glitzy gambling halls, are what attract senior road trippers.

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