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We recently returned from a family reunion in Florida. All in all, it was a pleasure to meet and schmooze with folks we just don't see often enough. But there were some drawbacks.

All the out-of-town visitors had to book local hotels, and the prices were out of sight. On our first night, we arrived at the airport behind schedule, so we had to spend the rest of the night ... only a couple of hours actually ... at a nearby airport motel before we could be picked up by car. The charge was $300 plus all kinds of taxes, adding up to $350. Although the motel was 30 miles from the nearest beach, we're sure vacationers flocked to that lovely overpriced resort to bask in its sunshine on the parking lot by the tiny pool.

With families spread all over the land these days, reunion sites should be chosen for convenience, economy and location. Our most enjoyable and successful family reunions in recent years were in Las Vegas. It has non-stop flights from virtually anywhere in the US and Canada. Hotel rates are comparatively low, and the best ones are within walking distance of each other. Facilities are readily available for events, with space ranging from small meeting rooms to huge convention centers.

Food prices are moderate, especially the famed Vegas buffets, and choice of restaurants is endless. Shopping centers and exclusive stores in upscale hotels are plentiful for those looking for the latest fashions. Entertainment, mostly on the Strip, is among the best in the world. Excursions are plentiful, including helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon, Boulder Dam and visits to other Nevada natural wonders.

For the kids, most people are surprised at the many activities in town just for them. Carnival rides, free outdoor exhibits, games, water slides, magic shows, horseback riding in nearby mountain resorts and many, many more.

For our next reunion, baby, we're going to Las Vegas!

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