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If so, sign up with Elderhostel’s Intergenerational Ballooning program. In case you’ve never heard of that phrase, here’s your chance to find out, and then have a heck of a time living it with someone very young and extra special to you.

Balloon in flight

Elderhostel calls it the Balloons, Trains, Rafts and Sundance experience, which sums up the highlights of six-night #9926RJ, with its base in Park City, Utah. Because of the exciting and welcoming features of the daily schedules, you’re encouraged to bring along grandkids. And that’s the endearing intergenerational part of it. The top feature of the program is hot-air ballooning over Park City and sailing over the sites of the 2002 Olympic ski areas.

If you’re lucky to be there at just the right time of day, you’ll see champion athletes practicing on various venues, including the ski jumps, zooming downward on summer Astroturf carpeting instead of winter ice slides.

Another day’s adventure features hikes along Timpanagas Trail, where you’ll admire (while your grandchild climbs all over) unusual rock formations and their many caves. You’ll also enjoy visiting Sundance Resort’s art and nature collections.

You’ll also spend a day in the state capital, Salt Lake City, and may have the opportunity to attend a special rehearsal of the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A special treat for the grandkids will be a ride on the historic Provo Canyon Limited steam engine train as it puffs along the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir and Bridal Veil Falls.

Enjoy an open-air ride on historic "Provo Canyon Limited" Steam Engine Train. The trip parallels Deer Creek Reservoir with both wildlife and water sport enthusiasts on display. Explore Bridal Veil Falls, a great place for you and your grandkid guest to get video to show to the folks back home. Another fun treat for both grandkids and grandparents will be bobbing down the very gentle (no rapids, rocks or whitewater scares) Provo River on inflated rafts.

Prices for the six-night adventure start at $939 for seniors and $914 for kids. This year’s program runs from June through August. For more information on Program #9926RJ or any other offerings from the organization that specializes in education and travel for seniors, logon to elderhostel.org.

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