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We don’t usually recommend specific entertainment performances, but we recently had the pleasure of attending a Las Vegas impersonator show called, “The Concert That Never Was”. We went reluctantly, because we’ve never been thrilled with fake stars, a feature in Las Vegas designed to drag money from seniors. You can’t go anywhere in Sin City without running into a pseudo Elvis hosting a supermarket promo, singing at a wedding chapel or crooning in a hotel bar lounge. Or a phony Madonna dealing blackjack, or a fake Dolly Parton serving drinks. All part of the glitzy Vegas scene, but who needs it?

Sinatra eyes


So, when a local pal offered us free tickets to a concert featuring clones of two of our favorite performers of all time, Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand, at first we turned up our noses at the sacrilege. But a close relative was doing stand-up on stage in another area of the Riviera Hotel, and being in the neighborhood, with free tickets, so what the heck.

The advertised name of the Sinatra-Streisand clone show is “The Concert That Never Was”, because the real stars never did appear on stage live together. However, they were friends and did perform in a recording studio on a 1993 “Duets” album. In fact, when the faux stars came out on stage for this concert, they sang that same wonderful old tune, “I’ve Got a Crush on You.”

After we got over our initial hostility, the two very talented young singers broke us down quite quickly. With their authentic-looking costuming and clever lighting, and gentle back-and-forth joking, the program was soon charming us, and we drifted back 20, 30 or more years. Maybe it was because we were happy to enjoy the quiet, sentimental music and understandable lyrics. That pleasure has virtually disappeared into the ear-splitting, discordant, hateful, profane so-called music of today.

Other old favorites the singers performed in the concert included "Witchcraft", "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”, and a rousing, foot-stomping rendition of “New York, New York." We two old skeptics jumped up and gave it a standing ovation!

Sharon Owens stars as Streisand and Sebastian Anzaldo sports Sinatra’s hat, tux, attitude and all. They’re very good at their job, and maybe people who’ve never seen the originals will give them a well-deserved high grade for putting on an entertaining evening. We senior fans remember Sinatra too well, and no one could absolutely capture his style and phrasing. But, Anzaldo was close enough to mesmerize us with fond memories of old Blue Eyes in his prime.

The program plays nightly at Le Bistro Theatre at the Riviera. Ticket prices are listed at $49.95 and $59.95, but you can seek out two-fers at various Vegas locations, or maybe get them free from your hotel concierge. For reservations and more information, call 877-892-7469 or email www.rivierahotel.com.

P.S. Also check out Celine Dion on youtube singing Sinatra’s theme song, “All The Way” on stage at Caesars Palace, while vintage video of the real Sinatra duets along perfectly.

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