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Recently I visited Manila, The Philippines. It brought back memories of when I was there in 1945 in an advanced Navy communications team, when U.S. forces recaptured the city from the Japanese invaders near the end of WW2. The fighting had been heavy, and the once-beautiful city was severely damaged, especially in the educational area called the Intramuras.

My unit was there for several months, and in my spare time I took many photos of the ruined areas. When on a recent tour of the city, I was impressed by the contemporary beauty of what was once called the Pearl of the Orient.

I drove through the Intramuras area where a GI tent had been my home for the months before I shipped out for home. As I passed the campus of Letran College, I saw the main building, and its soaring clock tower looked familiar.

I took a photo, and then when I returned home, I went through my old WW2 scrapbook, and there it was. When I put the two side by side, it was a match, and all the memories came flooding back. Coincidence, fate or what?

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