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The late great performer said: To travel is to take a journey into yourself.

Your travel4seniors.com editor had an experience that proves how true Kaye’s words can be. I was stationed with an advanced Navy unit near the bombed-out Rizal Stadium in Manila, The Philippines, in early 1946.

The stadium was still in ruins when USO troupes traveled the world to perform for U.S. Army, Navy and Marine forces. Among the stars who entertained at Rizal were Bob Hope, Al Jolson, Martha Raye, Jack Benny and Danny Kaye. Kaye sang and danced numbers from his movies, featuring his famous fast-talk lyrics that had us all laughing and singing along.

If your journey takes you to Manila, include a trip to the historic site. For current info and scheduled events about Rizal Memorial Stadium, go to www.philstar.com

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