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One of the first things you notice when you hit the charming Dutch town is that it’s full of people on bikes. Not only one-on-one, but often carrying kids and other passengers.

Now, a new service, called Backie, has started in Amsterdam, but travel4seniors.com wouldn’t advise it for seniors with medical and/or physical restrictions. It’s a city service that lets tourists hitch rides on the back of locals’ bicycles.

Getting a ride is simple. When you need a ride and see a bike with a yellow luggage rack, call to the biker the word Backie! (European description for riding double on a bike). The back seat rides are free for tourists, along with live narration and descriptions of the various Amsterdam business, cultural and historic sights along the way. So far, Yellow Backie has recruited more than 100 volunteer city bikers, and the service is expected to grow in Amsterdam and other cities throughout the Netherlands. For more info, go to www.yellowbike.nl/en

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