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A reader suggested an article about interesting bridges around the world. A long-retired Air Force lifer, he claims to have bombed some, and later peacefully visited dozens over many decades. Here’s his bucket list of favorites for other seniors who intend to cross any or all of them.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York NY: Remember Frank Sinatra, as a returning WWII GI in 1945, singing about it in the movie, "It Happened In Brooklyn". Born in Brooklyn, the retiree recalls crossing many times with his family in their 1938 Ford DeLuxe Fordor sedan to Yankee Stadium or the Polo Grounds.


Tower Bridge, London GB: The original, 2,000-year-old London Bridge is not falling down. It was taken apart and shipped, stone by stone, and rebuilt in Lake Havasu City AZ in 1971. However, the still-there, 130-year-old Tower Bridge in London features all kinds of walkways, views, shops and historical exhibits.

It recently opened its glass floor feature, allowing visitors to peer straight down into the river traffic on the Thames. The London Bridge in Arizona also boasts tourist and souvenir attractions. However, instead of foggy British weather, it offers dry desert heat.

Golden Gate, San Francisco CA: Many songs have been written about this colorful bridge that graces the Bay area. Opened in 1937, it’s name was sung that year in the Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Jeanette MacDonald movie, “San Francisco.” Judy Garland and Nancy Sinatra also later recorded the song.

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